July 18th, 2014

womensfitness_July14_BThe gap between male and female athletes athletes can achieve is closing and women it seems are catching up. Certainly in some endurance sports such as swimming, women often seem to fare far better over longer distances than men. When it comes to showcasing athletic abilities with an incredibly challenging fitness journey of power, determination and outstanding prowess, there are many female athletes who endure and have utilized their stamina and endurance to become top of their class as a result.

There are many women who stand out in endurance sports and who have in turn inspired some of the many female athletes across a range of sports. They have each pushed the boundaries of perception of what women athletes can achieve as they have smashed through pain thresholds to achieve world records and set the bar high.

Chrissie Wellington

Despite not even discovering sport until her 20s and battling an eating disorder in the past, English triathlete Chrissie Wellington has utterly transformed her life immensely to earn a place in the endurance athlete hall of fame. She is a four-time World Ironman Champion, coming first in 2007-2009 and one of only three women to achieve three consecutive victories. Her first win came a mere 10 months after turning professional She was also a champion in 2011. In 2009 she broke a 17-year standing record for the fastest course time of 8:54:02. She achieved a world-best time of 8:18:14 in 2011 for the Ironman distance world record too. Chrissie retired after a meteoric five year career, and continues to be an ambassador for sport.

Tanya Streeter

A British world champion freediver born in the Cayman Islands, Tanya Streeter's women's world record 'no limits; freedive is still unbroken some 12 years on. She is a woman who has broken many worlds, making history with a descent of 400 feet (122 meters) and becoming the first person to break all four deep freediving world records. Her 2002 'no limits' dive saw her plunge 525 feet (160 meters) in the Turks and Caicos Islands in 3 minutes 26 seconds, breaking the men's record too which was 154 meters. The free dive involves descending on weighted equipment and ascending to the surface with the support of an inflatable bag.

Ann Trason

One of the strongest names in ultrarunning, and a true female pioneer of the sport; Ann Trason's career is one of an endurance athlete at the top of her game, and then some. She was the top female winner of the renowned Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run, not just once or twice, but 14 times! The Californian native broke 20 world records during her career. Interested in triathlons and endurance sports, a car accident that injured her arm shifted her focus to simply running and for many years she ran long distances faster than anyone. Several of her world record from the 90s still stand today. Over 20 years of running she won an amazing 49 out of 51 finishes!

Next month, we'll take a look at some more female endurance athletes who are at the forefront of sport and an inspiration for any woman on her own personal fitness journey, whatever the goals.

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July 17th, 2014

exercisegeneral_July14_BYou really can't beat being part of a dynamic fitness community like Kaia and often the best way to achieve this is to physically join in activities with experts like us and other like-minded women. You simply cannot compare to the personal face-to-face attention and advice you get from the certified coaches at Kaia. However, since fitness is a way of life, there's also room to exercise some fun with some quirky fitness apps!

The number of fitness apps is growing and these can be a valuable add-on to your usual working and training routine. While there are some sensible fitness trackers out there, it's always fun to know about those apps which offer a fitness experience that's just that little bit different:

BullDash - Free - iOS

Run for your life! You won't be bored, although you might be gored with this fitness app which is fun and a little wacky! There is a growing trend to make working out outdoors fun and add in an element of gaming activity too. With four levels to choose from, the sound of bulls chasing you through the streets as your location is mapped really brings the action alive in a really motivating way!

Exercise Motivation Hypnosis - USD 1.99 - Android Don't underestimate the power of the mind! Don't look into my eyes but listen instead to this hypnotherapy audio session to get you motivated enough to get moving. The key to successful working out is when you actually feel like exercising and this app is aimed at exactly that. When you want real-life motivation though come to us!

Tempo Magic Pro - USD 4.99 - iOS Don't be a slave to the rhythm! Set the tempo of your workout and make sure that the BPM of your workout tunes fits in with you. This app lets you change how fast or slow a song is without distorting the sound. The app takes music from your playlist so it's a real no-fuss bit of musical magic. There's also a gapless playback function so you can keep on going without any break in the beat.

Ball Strike - Free - iOS and Windows Phone 8 It's not rocket science but it is clever technology! Keep in shape by hitting virtual colored balls, making sure you don't smash the bombs. An augmented reality fitness experience that detects motion via your camera or webcam.

All you have to do is stand in front of your device's camera and start kicking, hitting and jumping to strike those balls. There are six levels to choose from and the calories you burn are calculated too. To add a social media element you can share photos of yourself in action too.

Race Yourself Definitely one to look out for is this Google Glass augmented reality app with a 3D avatar in your screen replaying your last run. This really adds another dimension to going for a run as you chose to race yourself or friends, or even against celebrities. In great gaming tradition there are zombies to outrun too!

Next month we will look at some social media networks for fitness fans! In the meantime, give us a call if you are looking to further your workout routine, our programs are a great way to get fit this summer.

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July 11th, 2014

exercisegeneral_July8_BWhen you're focusing on health and fitness and leading a more balanced lifestyle, what becomes clear is that you need to have a plan in place if you want to achieve any real change. As with every aspect of life, realizing dreams takes more than imagination and improvements and transformations come with setting goals and putting in place techniques to reach these ambitions. At Kaia we offer a supportive women-only fitness community. When it comes to being healthy we know that you need a life coach for your fitness!

It is easy to keep wanting to bring change into your life but somehow not getting round to taking the necessary steps to achieving your what you keep telling yourself you want. How often do you hear people say, or maybe yourself, that they would love to be thinner, healthier and fit? What are the obstacles in the way? Why do so many people not get past this initial 'want'?

What is needed are some practical steps which coach you towards achieving the healthy lifestyle you desire. What you need is a pen and paper or notebook, as it is essential to write down your ideas.

What is your dream lifestyle? Don't just focus on health and fitness but let your imagination run wild with how you would like to live your life if you had no obstacles in the way. What are your top 10 lifestyle goals? Next, focus on what you really would like to achieve in terms of how you live your life. You might want to be fit enough to go hiking with your kids or to be in shape enough to go out and enjoy dancing at the weekend. Write down what is stopping you achieving each of these goals. You might find that you are repeating yourself here. You might find that time, financial limitations and even yourself are limiting factors in moving forward. What could you do NOW to achieve each of these goals? Write down at least one action you could implement for individual goals which would go some way towards making them a reality. You might decide that in order to go hiking with your kids that you will kit yourself out with the right footwear and find more time to spend with the family during the weekends. What lifestyle habits do you need to change to achieve each of these goals? An unhealthy diet, not enough exercise or spending free time watching television, might be habits you want to change. What else is having a detrimental effect? How would you feel if you achieved your lifestyle goals? Imagine how you would feel if you had obtained your goals. Would you feel light in your whole being and contented? Would you feel more confident and more outgoing? Experience how this feels as if you are already 'there'. Bring this future feeling into the present moment. Own it as if you are already in this position. By experiencing the achievement of your goals right now you can feel inspired to make them truly a part of your life. What does living a fit and healthy life feel like? Focus now on the health and fitness aspects of your lifestyle. Write down a list of words to describe how the 'new you' feels. Do you feel amazing, transformed and energized? What other aspects of your life would benefit and how? If you were living a healthier lifestyle how would this impact other areas of your life, such as your relationships, your family life and your work? What changes would you feel motivated to make? Write down what you feel. Set a timeline for creating change. Goals flounder without an action plan, so create a written-down strategy with steps to take and a schedule for when you are going to make specific changes.

Let us be your health and fitness coach too!

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July 8th, 2014

womensfitness_July4_BEver noticed that your mood and your perspective changes the way you see and interact with the world? When you are feeling negative, like can attract like. That's why a positive mental attitude to getting fit can create the right support network and fitness opportunities. Certainly, women have found the supportive female-only environment at Kaia to reinforce this positive state of mind. As well as a good exercise plan, adopting the right attitude can really make a difference to the success of your fitness goals and your lifestyle too.

Approaching your fitness journey with a negative or narrow attitude can really limit how far you go and the enjoyment of your overall experience. Often, a point of view can be so ingrained that you might not even be aware that you are coming from a certain place or that you are influencing your own behavior.

See yourself in a positive light!

Sit in a quiet space and think about where you are at right now in terms of health and fitness. Notice the words that you use in your own mind when looking at yourself. Are they positive or negative? Take time to turn criticisms into positive goals. Instead of berating yourself for being 'fat' tell yourself that you are wanting to slim down. Instead of judging yourself for eating too many takeouts, tell yourself that you need to follow a healthier diet.

Check for attitude no-nos!

When you look ahead at what changes you want and need to make, how does this make you feel? What is your overriding feeling, belief and attitude? How would you describe your approach? It helps to write down these descriptions, so that you can circle any negative words. For example, you might feel:
  • Overwhelmed
  • Uncertain
  • Underconfident
  • Depressed
  • Anxious
  • Half-hearted
  • Undermotivated
  • Lacking in inspiration

Tell yourself the opposite!

Write down the opposite of these negatives and focus on these ideas. Tell yourself that you feel capable, focused and confident, for example. While there might be practical steps you can take to achieve these feelings for real, often it is the mind which dictates our approach rather than reality itself.

Add reasons to your attitude!

Try adding on reasons for your positive attitude to back your approach up. For example, you might say: "I feel in control and capable because I have a solid exercise plan in place with achievable goals." Use these ideas to help you support your positive attitude with practical steps. You might find that you feel more confident being surrounded by a supportive fitness community you can relate to. You may feel more certain about the direction you need to go in, health and fitness wise, if you have a fitness assessment, face any health concerns and seek professional advice.

Often confusion about what you can achieve and how to go about it stop people in their tracks and to get over this hurdle it is necessary to adopt a more forthright attitude and also take the right practical approach. What is clear is that attitude can play a major part in what you achieve and often it can help not just in keeping motivated and keeping going but getting started in the first place.

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July 3rd, 2014

womensfitness_July3_BEvery woman wants to be in the best health possible when pregnant, not only for her own health but that of her baby too. A new study in the Gambia suggests that a woman's diet before conception may have an impact on the genetics of her child-to-be; affecting her son or daughter's long term health and the function of the child's genes. At Kaia we understand a woman's body and her fitness needs, creating specially designed training programs for women of all ages, including those wanting to get fit before starting a family.

A unique 'experiment of nature' that took place in The Gambia has now revealed that a mother's diet before she conceives has a permanent effect on her offspring's genetics.

A mother's diet before pregnancy could permanently affect many aspects of her children's lifelong health.

The study

The study came out of the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and looked at the pre-conception nutrition of women in Gambia and the whether this had any link to their offspring's DNA. The diets in this part of the world are significantly different during the dry and rainy seasons and over 80 women were selected who became pregnant at the peak of each of the two seasons. Blood tests to measure nutrients were taken, as well as blood and hair follicle samples from their babies.

The results

Children conceived in the dry season, when food is scarce and the women's diets less rich in nutrients, showed modifications to their DNA. This change involves a chemical compound which creates a marker or a tag called methylation, which is believed to 'silence' genes. However, while the test did show a link between nutrition and DNA changes, it did not specify how this affected gene function.

The fact that any link is suggested at all is what makes this study so valuable, as Senior Author Dr Branwen Hennig suggests: "Our results represent the first demonstration in humans that a mother's nutritional well-being at the time of conception can change how her child's genes will be interpreted, with a life-long impact."

The significance

The natural setting of the Gambia study, with a changing diet based on seasons was measured against control group measurements taken from non-pregnant women over a year period. It suggests that nutrition can play a really important role in the long-term health of a newborn and which could, in the future be utilized to help minimize certain pre-birth health issues.

As Professor Andrew Prentice, who oversaw the study points out: "Our on-going research is yielding strong indications that the methylation machinery can be disrupted by nutrient deficiencies and that this can lead to disease. Our ultimate goal is to define an optimal diet for mothers-to-be that would prevent defects in the methylation process. Pre-conceptional folic acid is already used to prevent defects in embryos. Now our research is pointing towards the need for cocktail of nutrients which could come from the diet or from supplements."

Quite how diet has an effect on DNA is not fully understood but the mere fact that a link could be there which affects genetic functions, will be enough for most women to think about their diet before they get pregnant.

Following a healthy and balanced diet is good for moms-to-be as pregnancy can take its toll on a woman's body. During pregnancy women need as much energy and stamina as they can muster. However, the need to be healthy for a pregnancy starts much earlier, even before conception.

Do you want guidance in how to change your diet for the better? You're not alone, so get in touch and join the healthy diet club.

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July 2nd, 2014

exercisegeneral_July1_BGetting in shape and keeping fit should be taken taken seriously as it will ensure that you enjoy better health and and an improved quality of life. As the number of fitness apps increases so too does the variety and there are many interesting, quirky and downright different tech treats in store to help motivate you, get you moving and help you reach your goals. And we encourage women to use them. At Kaia we believe in creating a feel-good fitness environment where women feel relaxed and are happy to be part of the Kaia community.

Technology is muscling in on the growing fitness industry, and while you can't beat getting fit with us, you can also integrate some great apps to help you along the way. Here are five that you might want to download:

Thank Dog!

A dog is not just a best friend but your best workout buddy too! Thank Dog! takes the power of cardio exercise and combines it with a dog obedience program, meaning you can get in shape and your K9 partner's behavior is shaped up too. Create a playlist and set off on 20 x 1 hour routines with video guidance on what to do for you and your canine cardio chum. All you need is a dog, an iPhone and a resistance band. The cost is less than a US dollar.


Touted as the ultimate fitness app for the less active or even downright lazy, Nexercise turns a workout into a blast of fun activities that become part of an online game. The more you move the more you can win prizes and medals, and even earn points to shop with or you get discounts. All you have to do is to log activities for 15 minutes, which can include looking after the kids or dancing. Keep your phone on you so your movement can be tracked and compete with friends too. There's so much motivation that you won't even think that you're exercising. Available free for Android and iOS users.

Gym Shamer

Ever talked the talk but failed to walk the walk? Put your pride where your mouth is with Gym Shamer. The amount of times you turn up to train with us will be tracked and if it doesn't match with the goal you have set, then prepare to be named and shamed via social media. By connecting to Foursquare, Facebook, and Twitter there's no way you not checking-in will go unnoticed! Will the shame of looking bad to people you know make you feel guilty enough to keep your fitness promises? It's all a bit of fun really. All you have to do is sign-up with your Foursquare account.

Fit Freeway

Never again will you say that the elliptical or bike is boring! Speeding ahead with the old-style car racing game Fit Freeway it is easy to get caught up in the action. The faster you go the faster your car goes, as your device's accelerometer reads the vibrations from the equipment using unique motion capture technology, With a front-facing camera you can not only see all the action but use your head position to steer your car too to keep it, and ultimately you, on track. As you race forward it is easy to forget that you are really working out to pick up speed. There are eight stages to race through, with different difficulty levels and play modes, as well as IPod music support available too.Available free for iOS users.


If you see a ghost in your neighborhood who you gonna call? With SpecTrek you can save the world from ghostly invasions by catching spectres in a fun augmented reality ghost hunt. In other words, as the game states, you can "protect the world, stay in shape". GPS enabled, ghosts appear in certain locations and it is your mission to get to them, scan them using the app and then capture them. A realistically spooky app that gets you moving in a fun and entertaining way. Available for Android and iOs users for less than a few dollars, there is also a free Lite version too.

Next month we will look at some quirky fitness apps. Stay tuned!

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June 25th, 2014

womensfitness_June23_BOne of the marvellous benefits of a good exercise plan has to be how it promotes a good night's sleep. And for the many insomniacs out there, or those women with disturbed sleep patterns, the value of getting in some good quality z's cannot be underestimated. The emphasis on wellbeing and quality of life is always at the top of the agenda at Kaia and our exercise training programs are all about inspiring positive change in every area of a woman's life. Juggling busy lives, it's no surprise that many women find that their mind is still racing when they hit the sack. Or at best they fall into an over-exhausted sleep only to wake a few hours later. A recent study suggests that a good sleep might be good for a woman's memory too!

Sleep is good for you, we all know this. However, not enough or even too much can leave you feeling either worn out or lacking energy and feeling sluggish. Another negative side effect is the impact a bad night's sleep has on memory too.

The study

The Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston study involved 15,000 women in a Nurses' Health survey and all were asked about their sleep patterns in 1986 and 2000. Over a period of six years after these dates the women were questioned about their memory and also about their thinking skills, At this point they were all aged 70 or older.

The results

While direct proof of poor sleep affecting memory later in life could not be established, the study did show a link between sleep and memory. The findings suggests that those women who slept for five hours or fewer per night as well as those women who slept for nine hours or more did not perform as competently later on than those who were getting a mean average of around seven or eight hours of sleep each night.

Getting a good night's sleep

More research is needed but there is a growing amount of evidence to suggest that too much or too little sleep might be detrimental to health, such as being linked to high blood pressure and diabetes. Hormones can play a part in disturbing women's sleep patterns, as can stress and over-tiredness, along with many other factors. Whatever the real impact of your sleep habits on your wellbeing, here's our mini-guide to getting a good nap in and waking up to feel refreshed.
  • Don't go to bed too late: Have you ever been exhausted early in the evening only to have a second-wind of energy? Listen to your body. If you were tired hours ago you will be even more tired hours later, so don't stay up late running on empty, as you might find you're too tired to sleep. When you do sleep you might find that you oversleep too.
  • Don't eat too late: A full stomach can create issues with acid reflux if you lie down soon after eating, Also, falling asleep when you are full up from eating can make you feel bloated, create indigestion and interfere with your ability to fall asleep.
  • Relax before you go to bed: Just as children need the transition from being hectic and running around to going to bed, so too do you. Turn off the TV and read a book; dim the lighting and sip a peppermint tea; let your mind unwind and your body relax from the day's demands. By de-stressing you are preparing your whole self for a restful sleep.
  • Aim for 7-8 hours with a set schedule: Work out when you have to be up and work backwards to find out the best time to go to sleep, bearing in mind that it may take you a while to drop off. You will soon get into a pattern whereby you have trained your body to be naturally tired at a certain time. Once you've stuck to your schedule you should find that you naturally respond to it and enjoy a good sleep each night.
  • Exercise!: Keep active and you will promote good sleep patterns. As well as relaxing the body and the mind, exercise in the afternoon or early evening can raise your body temperature, which then falls, lulling you into a restful state. Be wary not to work out too hard late at night as you won't wear yourself out but actually stimulate yourself too much instead. By improving healthy and positively combating stress, as well as balancing the hormones and releasing feel-good neurotransmitters, exercise is the perfect antidote to not enough or way too much sleep.
Are you sleeping well? If not, then let us help you fall into the perfect slumber each night through our lifestyle exercise programs.
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June 23rd, 2014

exercisegeneral_June23_BAn exercise plan can be a healthy part of a recovery plan for any woman; however as prevention is better than cure, there is a lot to be said for adopting a fitness strategy that can help guard against certain ailments and certainly minimize the risk of injuries. At Kaia our training programs are designed to create strong bodies and powerful minds. Along with energizing exercise for recovery our Kaia girls believe in exercising for protective power too!

Exercise is good for the health. It is a valuable necessity that can really support your physical fitness levels, your mental health and also look after your internal systems, so that your body and mind are performing at optimal level. With the right nutritional back-up, a good exercise plan can really help you recover more quickly from certain health problems or at least alleviate the symptoms. Alongside this, exercise can help prevent illness too by:

  • Boosting the immune system: Your immune system is your defence against microorganisms attacking the body and it makes sense that to be strong and healthy you need a strong and healthy protective response. If you exercise, the bacteria-fighting cells work faster and therefore more effectively than in those people who don't stay in shape. While exercise provides a short-term post-workout boost this is still better than not having this extra help.
  • Improving cardiovascular and respiratory health: When you exercise your heart rate increases and more oxygenated blood gets pumped around the body. In turn, this helps the lungs become more efficient at dealing with this oxygen as it is delivered to the different parts of your body. These functions are essential for healthy living and to be able to create a strong body that can resist illness.
  • Reducing the dangers of obesity: Heart disease and Type 2 diabetes, both are life-threatening conditions that are in part impacted by obesity. Cardio can keep weight off, creating stronger more powerful muscles which in turn helps to burn fat. With more sedentary lifestyles and the increase in convenience foods, the need to proactively keep moving has never been as prominent as it is today.
  • Lowering blood pressure: Cardio workouts exercise your cardiovascular system and this means keeping your heart and blood vessels in a healthy condition too. Couple this with keeping excess weight off and being active becomes a great way to lower blood pressure. Not only that, but exercise can reduce stress which also has an effect on blood pressure.
  • Helping bones and joints: Strengthening or weight-bearing exercises can help protect against bone density loss which is a natural sign of aging and thus guards against osteoporosis. Exercise also builds up muscles around the joints and protects these from injury or problems related to them being vulnerable.
  • Regulating hormones which have a role in certain illnesses: Certain health problems can affect your body's ability to create or use the right hormones. Also, an imbalance of hormones can play a role in making you feel unwell too. In short, hormones are related to wellbeing, and exercise can balance hormones successfully.
Whilst the impact of exercise on our health may not yet be fully understood, on a very basic level there is a need to keep active and stay in shape to function at your best. A healthy lifestyle is a balanced and functional lifestyle where your quality of life does not suffer because you are not fit enough to do what you want to do or because you suffer from health complaints which could be avoided or lessened as a result of a more active fitness regime.

If you're not moving enough, make the healthy decision to get in shape today.

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June 18th, 2014

womensfitness_June16_BDo you want to tone, tighten, and strengthen? Do you want to look and feel good? Women who want to make positive changes to themselves often turn to the transformational power of a great exercise program. However, while a good workout can definitely have a real impact there are other areas such as diet, lifestyle and attitudes that you can focus on too so that you can really get your life in shape.

Every aspect of our lives is interrelated and when you want to really see a difference in one area you often have to tackle other factors about your life and how you live it too. It's really about finding the right balance so that the changes you make are not only effective but sustainable.


As well as talking about getting in shape you need to find a physical training program to help you. Many women run busy lives and tight schedules and the temptation if you are always on the go is to think that hectic running around is actually getting you in shape. Of course, it's great to be active and move around rather than living a really sedentary life, but that's not the same as a motivating and goal-setting exercise regime that is going to create tangible results when it comes to your body shape and your fitness levels.


Women who diet can often get themselves into a mindset where they tell themselves that they are being deprived of certain foods and that these so-called 'bad' foods are only allowed sometimes as a treat. While there are definitely meals you will want to eliminate, such as high-fat and high-sugar processed foods, the emphasis needs to be on creating a balanced diet you can keep up. The chances are you are not going to only eat spinach and brown rice only, a for the foreseeable future, and neither should you, so don't set yourself up for a fall.

However, a workout followed by a take out can definitely undo all your hard work and leave you feeling not only hungry sooner rather than later, as these foods often do, but also attack your motivation levels as you move towards your fitness goals at a slower pace. Get your attitudes to your physique and your eating patterns in shape by exploring new menu ideas, introducing new healthy foods and loving the nutritious foods that you eat.


How you live your life not surprisingly affects every part of your life. Your attitudes, feelings and actions, as well as your surroundings, community and circumstances, all come together to create what is your life. Fit, healthy and happy women look at how each aspect of their lifestyle is affecting their overall quality of life. It may be that by being more proactive or making a change in one area you are positively impacting another.

For example, if you want to be in good shape physically then you may want to look at any bad habits that have formed or any factors which drain you of motivation or of being able to follow a fitness program. Does your lifestyle support and nurture a healthy life or detract from it?


Being healthy goes way beyond looking trim and toned. Every woman knows someone who is thin and unhappy or someone who struggles to get in shape because of how they approach fitness. Being positive can give you a real zest for life and spur you on to create powerful change too. Being flexible with not just your body but your mind can open up a whole new world of possibility to you. Being confident can see you achieving your goals for a healthy, balanced life.

What changes would you make right now to get in better shape?

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June 17th, 2014

exercisegeneral_June13_BWhether you're just starting out on a new fitness path, are well and truly set on an exercise regime or are on the final push towards achieving your goals, you need motivation to see you through. With the best will in the world, it is a motivating power that will inspire you to succeed at Kaia and keep on going when the going gets a little tough. However, when you feel like they are flagging or losing momentum it's time to let Kaia really help you and to help yourself and boost your motivation some more!

Last month we looked at how you can keep on track by keeping the flames of your fitness ambitions burning. Tips included, making exercise a habit to stay motivated; questioning your real workout motives so they fit with what you want; allowing for some flexibility for your routine to fit in with changes in your life; being honest about what is upsetting your regime; and strategies for keeping going when the novelty of training wears off.

This month we have more motivation tips for you so that you can not only reach your goals but do so in an enjoyable and enthusiastic way. Here's how:

Surround yourself with motivated people

You only have to be around someone with a no-can-do or defeated attitude for a short time to feel their negative energy. Of course, there's nothing wrong with being supportive when someone is struggling and at times you will no doubt value the positive words and actions of others. However, there's something to be said for being around positive, can-do fitness folk too, who can make you feel full of energy for a tough training session ahead.

Believe in yourself and your goals

Don't just talk the talk but actually feel it too. You can set as many goals and fitness strategies as you like but if you don't truly believe you can achieve what you are setting out to reach then the chances of success are limited. While it's important to set attainable targets, motivation comes from the unwavering attitude that you can and will get where you want to go.

Recognise motivation-sapping triggers

Whether it is people, situations, your diet or your actions, there are many factors which can drain away your motivation. This might be because of fatigue, stress or distraction. While you might not be able to compartmentalize so that when you are focused on your fitness that is all you are thinking about, it is worthwhile understanding what knocks your motivation so that you can eliminate or at least minimize the impact.

Focus on your lifestyle

You don't just exercise and then get on with the rest of your life. Fitness is a way of life and in many respects you can help keep motivated by creating a solid integration with your exercise patterns and your lifestyle patterns. They are intrinsically linked, so look at your diet and how you spend your time and ask yourself how this affects how, when and why you exercise.

Make your motivation personal

When you feel motivated you may feel committed, determined, and enthusiastic, as well as energized and ambitious. Many people see exercise as an activity that they have to do, that's almost a chore. By taking a more personalized approach your motivation will flow more easily. Look at what your training can achieve and what those results will really mean to you on an everyday basis.

We can help you move your motivation levels onwards and upwards!

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